Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Reporter's Notebook

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Much to be proud of

Well, not everyone has been glued to their computers or TV news station to see the latest YOUTUBE hit from Vancouver. Rather, most of us have been busy trying to find new opportunities and customers, hang on to old ones and do what we can to continue to make Vancouver and Southwest Washington one of the best places in the country to live. So I thought you would want to hear about some of those things. Most of the info you’ll find in here will never make it to “viral video” status, but it is the stuff that keeps our community going and people talking.

Here we go…… Clark College and WSU Vancouver stepping up to their largest enrollments ever!... and despite the draconian cuts in state funding allowing the best and brightest to remain at home and get a quality education. Then there are the more than 50 private and public construction projects, representing over $200 million dollars of investment, celebrated recently at WSU Vancouver during the VBJ’s annual Southwest Washington Top Projects event. The Projects represented a variety of sectors including infrastructure – roads, the Vancouver Library and clean water, schools and health care facilities, and low income housing and business expansions.

A short while ago the “Portland – Vancouver Land Here, Live Here” campaign kicked off and is beginning to take hold and spread. Over two dozen organizations and businesses are making this a part of their marketing efforts including: Riverview Community Bank, Columbia River Economic Development Council, Prestige Development, Greater Vancouver Chamber of Commerce, Eric Fuller & Associates and Identity Clark County.

Our region is more than a YouTube video or a horrendous headline. We are good, strong, innovative companies, and hard working welcoming people with the wherewithal to weather this economy and come out on top!

Here is who we’ve spotted doing their thing:

JD White popping up at the Community Choices luncheon, not retired, “re-fired” Kim Capeloto counting donuts and supporting his former tenant, Sharon Pesut. Dominique Meriwether espousing the virtues of the World Greatest Bank and his vast football knowledge Martine Slater earning every dime Nathan Cano is paying her… …Nathan listing lots on Prune Hill Ed Piel battling, printing and supporting CCYF Jason Reid grabbing toner cartridges and seats on the 40 yard line Kenny Vance, publishing… and ever so humble now that he is a print guy and not on the radio anymore Meanwhile Temple Lentz providing the 2010 LCC class with a history lesson even native’s from the ‘couv found enlightening Dave Scott snapping and sharing football photos Megan Patrick Vaughn pinch hitting for the ol’staff …and much appreciated it is!.... Greg Seifert shooting down the rumors and setting it straight on health care reform changes Bob Dingethal exchanging a glass of wine for a size 9 shoe Tracie Siegel selling the old fashioned way…. and letting Scott Firstenburg buy lunch Linda Frischmeyer staying connected and offering sage advice…..for free!