Friday, September 3, 2010

Reporter's Notebook

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A ‘Top Projects’ preview

A newspaper editor doesn’t need to tell anyone that it’s been a tough year for the construction sector, both nationally and regionally.

But what may not be commonly known to people who might notice only the empty lots and half-finished building projects which dot Clark County – is the incredible resiliency of many contractors, architects and engineers.

Many of the construction efforts included in this year’s Top Projects, which will be celebrated at a ceremony on the campus of Washington State University-Vancouver on Thursday, Sept. 16, are each in their own way precious gems, created under the intense pressures of tightening credit, deflating real estate prices and high vacancy rates.

They are survivors.

Due to the economy, some of the projects included this year had to be downsized, their designs rethought, budgets revised. But in a testament to the flexibility that is the cornerstone of the construction industry, these projects managed to move forward – with each brick laid, pressurized glass installed and steel beam placed in the hope of a better tomorrow.

So it is with that same sense of hope that I look forward to seeing many Just Business readers help us celebrate the triumph of these innovative efforts at our Top Projects event on Sept. 16.

Reservations for the event can be made here. Admission is $35. We look forward to seeing you there!