Wednesday, April 8, 2009

► On the Record

“It’s exciting to go into work every day – there’s always something new to find, someone new to talk to.”

- Heidi Olsen, co-owner of Vancouver-based Ecolution NW


Tom said...

Aloha to all my friends and loyal customers, yes you guessed it !! It's Tommy O reporting from Hawaii. I'm here on my annual R&D trip and was very concerned about taking the time away from my restaurants in this economy But I am committed to refueling my Aloha Spirit no matter what the outlook is. Well I was very sadden to read that Koplen's is closing, it always saddens me when I hear of any business shutting there doors in the downtown business district. I was happy to read the comments that Megan wrote about supporting the business in the downtown district of Vancouver, I to believe that we all need each other until this fear of lack subsides. We all know that there is no lack of anything ,just look around, we all must believe and have faith and we will be OK. So please join me in keeping a positive outlook and remembering to give thanks for what we have not focusing on what we don't have. I know its hard but it must be done!!
With Aloha Tommy O