Friday, December 17, 2010

Reporter's Notebook

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Breakfast Notes

Several weeks ago, I wrote about the cuts that were going to have to be made at the state level if we are to keep Washington from going the way of California, Michigan, New York and other bankrupt or nearly bankrupt states. At this morning’s legislative breakfast, we heard from our local state representatives who will be charged with that very mission. In fact, they have already started a dialogue with an agreement last week between the legislature and the governor to an initial round of cuts.

Now comes the hard part.

While the tone was mostly somber (yet hopeful) that the cuts can be made, it was also clear that some will stand on their ideological positions even in a time of few choices. I applaud those who do not surrender their ideals and values in the face of tough times. However, I hope all our representatives know that now is not the time to insist on “my way or the highway” (we have seen where that gets the US Congress).

This morning’s legislative breakfast also made it abundantly clear that we have a smart, capable and dedicated delegation representing the people of Southwest Washington and Clark County. Let’s hope they can work with the representatives from the rest of the state to keep Washington solvent and ready to move back into the black.

Friday Fish Wrap (with the usual homage to Herb Caen)

Scott Firstenberg enjoying the coffee cake but ducking out early… Ryan Golze extolling the sun and fun of Cabo… Rep. Jim Moeller leaving no doubt about where he stands on the CRC… Troy Van Dinter still lamenting the demise of the Cowboys… John Bockmier doing his Will Ferrell in ELF imitation (minus the goofy shoes)… The big Duck Wayne Clementson proudly wearing the Green and Yellow and Gray and Black and… Steve Kizer pushing ‘em to the limit in the weight room… Kim Capeloto back on the circuit as one of the paying public… Kelly Love auditioning for dialing for dollars while corralling a passel of politicos… Hal Dengerink hiding in the back of the room… Sharon Pesut questioning (or pointing out?) the age of a certain writer… Mike True agreeing to lunch… Bob Durgan promising pints… The Fastest Banker in the World wearing a sweater, because after all, it is Friday! Have a great weekend, a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!