Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Reporter's Notebook

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An Introduction

Let me start today’s Business Extra by saying thank you to everyone who has welcomed me into the Vancouver business community with open arms. In just two weeks on the job, I’ve received a great amount of positive feedback from many of you out there about our publication. I look forward to hearing more of those comments, both the good and bad (but mostly the good).

I come to the Vancouver Business Journal as an Oregon Duck, surrounded in the office by a slew of Cougars and Huskies. But I think as long as I don’t tack up any giant posters of Autzen Stadium I should be fine.

I moved to Vancouver nearly two years ago, while surviving the hectic pace and overnight hours of producing a television news morning show in Portland. And let me tell you, I am very happy to be on this side of the Columbia. Broadcast news certainly has its place in the business community, but too often I believe it falls short.

We have a unique opportunity as a business journal. You won’t find any 30-second stories here. The old saying, “if it bleeds, it leads” does not apply. What I look forward to is celebrating success within our community. We all know times are tough, so how about recognizing the individuals who are doing it right?

Because if we can identify success, we can duplicate it.